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Your corporate carbon footprint made easy.
Measure, Analyze, Share and Improve.


GRYN makes your
carbon footprint visible

Discover the biggest carbon emission drivers to start your net-zero strategy (journey). GRYN automatically collects all data sets from your stakeholders via API – or simply drag and drop your excel files.

GRYN calculates the CO2e (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent) emissions of your shipments and organisation by complying to valid standards and frameworks. Your Carbon Footprint and climate impact is displayed in real time on your GRYN dashboard.

Get an accurate view of your emissions so that you can reduce and become more sustainable with confidence.

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GRYN guides you to
continuously improve
your footprint

The key to precise measurement is accurate and rich data. By data modeling and consideration of primary data you are able to continuously improve to show your true footprint.

GRYN benchmarks your carbon emission performance and identifies improvement areas. GRYN guides you step by step and tells you which data sets to consider to reach the next level of precision.

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Easily share your emissions with all your partners

GRYN manages all your deadlines and data supply. Invite all stakeholders and partners to the platform, assign activities, share data and automate your Carbon Reporting.

Instead of quarterly reportings be able to share your data any time to satisfy stakeholders’ needs, so they can understand your sustainability commitments and progress.

The GRYN Dashboard allows you to deep dive into different categories of emissions to see where the largest areas of CO2e output are for your business. Compare different time frames to see how your organization is improving over time.

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GRYN’s AI powered methodology helps you to achieve net-zero

Year by year tougher limits for carbon emissions are going to be set. The Carbon price is expected to climb up to EUR 180/t - long term.

GRYN calculates the cost impact on 1,5C alignment and cost of net zero emissions. The AI powered system proposes actionable measures to reduce your emissions.

Identify your hotspots on scope 1/2/3 emissions with highest reduction potential and set targets – for you and your suppliers.

Offset emissions which either currently can not be reduced or emissions which can not be avoided.

Safe the planet

Saving the planet must
be fun and efficient

With GRYN we have developed one tool for climate action, which is designed to simplify a complex topic to help you to deliver your contribution for reducing global warming.
GRYN guides you though measuring, reporting and improving your carbon emissions by offering clear actionable recommendations. Share your GRYN fingerprint wiall stakeholders and partners.‍
GRYN will become the sustainable logistics standard.

Safe the planet
Carbon Footprint Calculation
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Why saving the planet?
Why now?

Global Warming

We need to wake up and act responsible to stop global warming.


Climate regulations will change and accelerate the way we do business in the future.


Sustainability will become an essential part of procurement strategies and supplier management.


Investors continue to shift towards future-oriented business with focus on impact of climate change.


Employees are looking for employers that think and act sustainably.

Your Future!

It is our mutual obligation to drive change and act as role model to promote climate actions.

Trust the easiest tool
on the planet

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Safe TIME &

GRYN is Plug & Play. No expensive Consultants needed. Most efficient data management - all partners on one platform.

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Instant Visibility & Reporting

Hassle free reporting – GRYN automates data collection, KPI creation and delivers instant insights on your carbon impact.

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Predictive Carbon Reduction

GRYN analysis your carbon footprint and recommends actionable reduction measures.

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Global sustainability network

GRYN becomes the global GHG benchmark and strongest sustainable logistics network.

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Sustainable logistics
starts here.

GRYN is truly the most innovative logistics platform on the market! Joining a global Sustainability Logistics Network was a no brainer for us. GRYN did completely automate the data validation, enrichment and standardization as well reporting. Now we can share carbon emissions with thousands of customers instantly – in real time without manual efforts!

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