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Make sustainable
logistics a reality.

We help enterprises and logistics service providers to track

and optimize their carbon footprint with the help of data.

Dashboard with sustainability metrics and charts of carbon visibility platform gryn

Unlock       the
data you need

Turn complexity into clarity by automating Scope 3 emissions data collection. We engage your suppliers, validate data, and set new standards in sustainability.

Achieve Compliance without Complexity

Navigate regulations effortlessly. Our solution automates compliance across CSRD/ ESRS, ISO 14083, GHG Protocol, and beyond, ensuring your data is both trusted and auditable.

checkmarks and a loading-bar indicating that standards like ESRS, GHG protocol and ISO 14083 are met

Use data to meet your emission targets

Analyze your emissions. Set reduction targets and transform your data into actionable insights for impactful decarbonization strategies.

We help both:
enterprises & logistics providers

gryn for

visualized enterprise as ideal customer for scope 3 carbon visbility platform


Managing emissions from shipping for enterprise businesses can be tricky. It's hard and often inaccurate to collect data from different sources. Gryn makes it easy to gather data and create trustworthy reports.

gryn for

modes of transport used by logistic service providers on gryn platform

Logistics providers

Gryn changes the game for those providing shipping services. It links up and organizes shipment data, giving you valuable insights and advice on reducing carbon emissions.

Join the largest Scope 3 platform for
Carbon Visibility & Compliance TODAY

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