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Gryn Joins Klappir's Partner Program: Elevating Sustainable Logistics to New Heights

Updated: May 29

Embracing Advanced Carbon Reporting and Analytics through Strategic Collaboration

We are excited to announce our recent partnership with Klappir, a leader in environmental sustainability solutions. Joining Klappir's Partner Program is a strategic move that aligns with our mission to drive sustainable innovation and responsibility in the logistics sector.


The Power of Klappir: A Commitment to Collective Sustainability

At Klappir, the passion for sustainability is evident. Their main product, the Sustainability Platform, is a cutting-edge, web-based softwaresolution enabling companies to measure and manage their environmental impact with precision. The platform is designed to align with global standards like CSRDand ESRS, ensuring transparent, trusted sustainability statements.


Why Partner with Klappir?

Joining Klappir's Partner Program offers Gryn several key benefits:


●     Industry-Leading Software: Accessto Klappir's state-of-the-art Sustainability Platform.

●     Training and Support:Comprehensive training and ongoing support from Klappir's team.

●     Sustainability Impact: Being partof a community actively contributing to a sustainable planet.


Impacting the Globe, One Step at a Time

Since aligning with Klappir on November 30,2023, we've been committed to delivering global solutions with local impacts, helping businesses reduce their environmental footprint and achieve sustainability goals.


Join Uson the Path to Sustainability

We invite you to be part of this transformative journey. Learn how our collaboration with Klappir can empower your business to make a significant difference in reducing your environmental impact.

Partner announcement Klappir & Gryn

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